Gaby Anderson

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I’m a first-generation Hungarian-Canadian. At age twelve, I became a U.S. citizen, and a hybrid of the tight-knit immigrant community in Montreal, Quebec, and the American Dream.

I’ve been a member of The Atlanta Writers Club since 2011, and one of the Wild Women since 2020. 

My debut novel, South of Happily, is available for preorder. 


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Check out my web site for information on book clubs, podcasts, Hungarian recipes, and short podcasts on pronouncing those weird Hungarian words in South of Happily.

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Kim Conrey
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My sci-fi novel, Stealing Ares, is available through Amazon or your favorite bookstore. The next book in the Ares Ascending series will be coming soon! My protagonist, Harlow Hanson, the Robin Hood of the Mars colony, even has a drink recipe in her honor "The Perfect Heist" (see Character Cocktails tab). I write a blog about living with OCD and Harm OCD and the memoir I wrote with my daughter, You're Not a Murderer: You Just Have OCD, is under consideration with a publisher. I love to spend time with my family, run, and you can find me marching in Atlanta's Dragon Con parade as a Box Hero Wonder Woman. I've written for Equill: Atlanta Writers Club Online Magazine, Awakened Voices Literary Magazine, The Bitter Southerner, The New Southern Fugitives, Atlanta Parent, and others (links in Our Voices tab). I also serve as VP of Operations for the Atlanta Writers Club in addition to working on the podcast with these other fantastic Wild Women.

April Dilbeck
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While living on Long Island, NY, I began free-lancing, selling feature articles to a local newspaper. My first published article was in Everywoman’s Horoscope and described interior designs for all twelve astrological signs. I was born  on the cusp of Leo/Virgo. This is very advantageous. It gives me a good excuse to have conversations with myself without sounding nuts.

My writing career has been as varied as my life, from articles for newspapers, to writing a manual on discrimination for the State of North Carolina, to writing feature articles for an antiques-related monthly publication. I now devote myself to writing mystery/detective novels and have just published my first novel, "A Sacred Thing" on Amazon.

Kat Fieler


Kat Fieler earned her first bylines as a stringer/humor columnist in newspapers and magazines in North Florida and Rockwall, Texas. Connections in that venue led her to an unintended career as an author liaison for a Florida-based writers' festival, and ultimately a publicist to authors. New to fiction, she has one short story headed for the moon via the Lunar Codex project. Her debut novel, The Shadow Runner, is under consideration.

Lizbeth Jones

I’m a published writer of short fiction, nonfiction articles and poetry, as well as an interviewer, illustrator, editor and mentor. My degree in Creative Writing is from the University of Arizona where I was awarded a faculty scholarship. I muse about creativity on my blog Ulterior Colors, passing along insights and wisdom from professors, mentors, and various artists across time. I am currently working on a novel, Ricky Lightfoot, which takes place in Arizona, where I lived for twenty-five years. The support and camaraderie of fellow women writers has been invaluable to this endeavor.

Kathy Nichols
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My debut novel The Sometime Sister is available on Amazon, Target, and Black Rose Writing. Having one of my books published has been a longtime goal and I'm more thrilled than I can express. You can imagine how speechless--okay, I've never been speechless--I am that Black Rose Writing has released my second novel The Unreliables, and is releasing my third, Trust Issues, in December! Check out Garnet's favorite drink in Character Cocktails.

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Links here if you would like to order The Sometime Sister and  The Unreliables. For more information about my novels, works in progress, books signings, or if you'd like to learn about how I can come speak to your book club or organization, visit my website